What people are saying about us....

Here are a few quotes from people who love what we do!

Audience Comments - Vintage Shows

"I knew every song!"
"You brought back so many memories!"
"You're wonderful!"
"Thank you for reminding me about all those wonderful movies"
"I thought it was a recording...you sounded so professional"
"Beautiful face, beautiful voice, beautiful person!"
"You sang The Sound of Music better than Lady Gaga at the Academy Awards!"
"Your smile and your happiness is contageous!"
"You sing all the songs we love"

Resident Comments - Weekly Activity Programs

"We love it when you come!”
"Can you come every day?"  (Yes! And we do for some clients!)
"You brought back so many memories!"
"You're wonderful!"
"Come back soon!"
"Thank you for coming today"
"We enjoy you so much"
"You have the most beautiful voice I've ever heard!"  (this was from a woman with repetitive dementia who said this after every song...forgetting that she had just said it. I must say, it was great for my ego!)

And my favorite thing is when someone with advanced Dementia who can't remember my name or what I do gives me a huge smile I enter the room because they do remember how I make them feel.

Rita Zipnick - Birthday Party Entertainment (Flashback Duo)

"Thank you and Milinda for a wonderful performance. The both of you did great and not only did everyone enjoy the show but both my husband Dan and just I loved it. Even though I just had my knee replaced (and need to have the other one done as well), I couldn't help but get up and dance, the two of you were that great! I really feel your performance made the party very successful. Thank you both so very much, you were spectacular!"

Brianne Parmeter - Alzheimer's Association
Regarding Flashback Solo Performance of Movie Songs and Trivia for the Annual Artists Tea

"I enjoyed every minute of your performance. As I glanced around the room at the sixty something guests, I saw a man in a wheelchair, singing along and dancing to the beat. It was obvious the songs were conjuring up joyous memories from his former days. As the event proceeded to the trivia, you further connected with the guests, encouraging everyone to shout out the correct answer. There were smiles everywhere."

Shirley Witt - Florence Sylvester Memorial Senior Center, Laguna Hills, CA
Regarding Flashback Duo Performances (booked several times a year, particularly for Patriotic Holidays)

"The Flashback Duo are an unbelievable duo. Entertaining, everything from love songs to patriotic music. They have been entertaining at our senior center for over a year. Each time they draw a crowd and at times bring tears to ones eyes with the beauty and passion in their voices. They absolutely are a delight. I highly recommend them for any venue. So glad we found them!”

Matt Posslet, owner Ivy Glenn Terrace - RCFE, Laguna Niguel, CA
Regarding our Weekly Activities & Music Programs

"Deborah, thank you so much everyone you have sent over is great! We actually want to increase our service to 3 days a week instead of 2."

Michael Sherman, Entertainment Director, Fairfax Senior Center, Los Angeles, CA
Regarding Flashback Solo Performance

"Deborah's voice is reminiscent of Julie Andrews, Sarah Brightman & Jeanette MacDonald...it's as beautiful as she is.”