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Deborah Garrett,

Flashback Activity Programs

Weekly In-Home Activities and Music
for RCFE Board & Care Facilities

"We give the elderly a reason to get up in the morning!"

When our housebound elders have something to look forward to with regular activity programs that bring them something new and different...that enhance their enjoyment and self-esteem...that make them feel connected to the outside world and youth and help them feel more alive, they are happier and healthier.

We offer live entertainment, trivia, exercise, games and other activities customized to the residents at each location.

We are proud to provide exceptional activity and music programs to the elderly which truly make a
difference in their lives.

See the power of music in action!

This video shows Henry, a man in a nursing home, responding to ipod music as part of Dan Cohen's Music & Memory program (for full documentary see Alive Inside). It is used on our website solely as an example of how many residents in assisted living react to and can benefit from music. We believe that any and all means of bringing music into the homes is vital to enhance the lives of those in assisted living. We are grateful to be able to use our live entertainment and other music-related activities to make a similar difference in the lives of residents in assisted living.


Flashback Music Memories
Orange County, CA


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